[SunRescue] Re: Sun3

Peter Koch koch at pz.pirmasens.de
Wed Dec 1 04:24:29 CST 1999


>Could somebody tell me the maximum internal and external SCSI Hard Drives
>for Sun3 computers?

I use these cheap 5.25" Seagate ST43400N 3Gig monsters a lot.
They work ok on a Sun3 and partitioning the disk is not too
difficult... ;-)

The absolute maximum would be a 16 GB harddisk with eight
2Gig partitions. But this requires you already have installed
my special UFS patch for SunOS 4.1.1. Naked SunOS 4.1.1 does
limit the partition size to 1Gig.
What's with NetBSD or Linux? Anybody?

Of course you can connect more than one SCSI hard disk to
a SCSI controller. Seven, if you dare to fiddle with the
kernel, four with a generic one. And if you have one of
the huge VME-Bus monsters, you can plug a second SCSI
controller into it. And if you dare to fiddle with the
kernel, a third and maybe fourth SCSI channel is possible.
I once had three SCSI controllers in a 3/260 and it worked.

If you mean physical size, then take this:
	3/80:	up to two 3.5" full height disks inside
	3/60:	one 3.5" flat harddisk inside (see below)
	3/xxx:	up to four 5.25" hard disks in the upper
		compartment of the 12 slot chassis or a
		bunch of 3.5" hard disks.
There is no room for internal hard disks in the 3/50, 3/110
and 3/75, but you can always connect external hard disks.

Another thing: Since the Sun3 and their SCSI controllers
are slow (the maximum i've measured are 1.5 MB/sec),
many of the larger hard disks are a waste on a Sun3.
The Seagate ST43400N for example can do Fast SCSI and
nearly 5 MB/sec.

I have quite a lot of pictures of all Sun3 on my homepage.
There you can look into the Suns and see where is room
for internal hard disks.

Hope that helps!


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