[SunRescue] PCI diff SCSI cards

james james at foonly.com
Wed Dec 1 03:40:53 CST 1999

Well, I've been on a cheap differential SCSI card quest for quite some
time now, and I think I've finally found something.  To give some
background, the best supported SCSI adaptors for the PCI Suns are those
based on the Symbios 53c875 (single) or 53c876 (dual) reference design.

Differential Symbios cards are hard to find.  Though Sun themselves ship a
Symbios-branded card as their dual UW differential card, it retails for
close to $350.  Single ended cards are easy, single port versions sell for
around $60. 

I've found a fairly good deal at CSC:


A PDF file with (limited) documentation is available at:


So why am I telling all of you this?  The unit price is $139, but it drops
to $115/ea for quantity 2.  If anyone else needs one of these it seems
like an excellent deal.  Get in touch with me if so.


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