Serial rates on the IPX (Was: Re: [SunRescue] Secondary Ethernet for IPX)

Lyndon Griffin lgriffin at
Wed Dec 1 00:31:44 CST 1999

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, James Lockwood wrote:

> It might be easier to just find an entire Sparc 2 or similar, they have a
> more standard setup (TC is 15, RC is 17).  I've been selling SS2's with
> 32MB RAM for $45/ea when I have them in, I'm sure you could find a
> comparable deal.

Last time I was at Weird Stuff in Sunnyvale, they had an SS2 for $50 that was
pretty decked out - I don't remember the specs.  James provides good
stuff, though, if you need a voucher on his reliability (there was some noise
recently about somebody getting stiffed on this list).

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