Re(2): [SunRescue] Old Skool Sparc 2 with SunOS 4.1.1

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at
Thu Dec 30 10:12:11 CST 1999

On Thu, 30 Dec 1999, Tim Hauber wrote:

> If your mention of extremely slow is in any way related to the memory
> test, well, it seems to do a real bit by bit test, if it has a decent
> amount of memory you can go to lunch while it tests.  I'd recommend
> letting it run through the full test (well, you have no choice the first
> time) then there is an Environment variable to tell it how much memory to
> check.  Set it to 0

Just as a quick note.  Set it to 1, and not zero.  I recall that zero means
test all that it finds.  Mine are set to test 1 meg, which takes very little
time, even on an IPC, which is much slower than that SS2.


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