[SunRescue] Old Skool Sparc 2 with SunOS 4.1.1

Stou Sandalski tangui at cell2000.net
Thu Dec 30 06:30:05 CST 1999

Hey, I did look at the environment thing before... and now when I look at
it, it doesn't have anything that even remotely suggests that it can control
this... I thought it would be at the OS level... I don't even understand
what this eeprom is... is that the Sparc equivalent of CMOS? there is one
variable called diag-device = net  and its set to true... I am not sure what
it does...

If I don't figure something out by the time the sun comes up... over here...
I will wait until I find a transceiver to buy... I saw a few on e-bay but
the autcions end in like 3 days or something hehehe

thanx for your time paul


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> OK, if I recall everything correctly, just
> plugging in an
> ordinary tranceiver in the back of the ss2 would
> do the trick.
> To enter the eeprom, follow these steps:
> - turn on the power
> - when the boot starts, press the "stop" and "a"
> keys (L1 a).
> - at the ">" prompt, type "n" for new command
> mode.
>   ( if the prompt anything else than ">" you
> probably are in
>   the new mode already)
> - type "printenv". This will show some variables
> with their settings.
>   locate the one that is named something like
> "carrier test" (I'm
>   taking this from memory and don't know the exact
> variable name...)
> - type "setenv <variable name> off"
> - type reboot to reboot the box.
> Done. :)
> /Paul.

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