[SunRescue] wolf in sheeps clothing...

Geoff Koehler gdak at home.com
Tue Dec 21 08:18:55 CST 1999


Sounds like a cycle 5 board to me.  Its essentially a sparc 5
motherboard.  I dont remember the details, but they are expandable to
128M (with 30-pin + sparc 5 memory) and can have CPU's from 70 to 170
MHz.  I have one (im typing on it now) and its great.  I too, got it for
the price of a sparc 2 :).  Check out http://www.cyclecc.com


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"P.A.Osborne" wrote:
> Well on my latest 'my car is a skip - honest guv' trip round my
> machine room,  I bagged what appeared to be a Sparc Station 2.
> Once home I opened the case up as you do just to check whats inside,
> so I could assess whether to add bits to the machine or strip it for
> spares.
> Anyhow,  its got a VERY non sparc2 motherboard in it,  as it seemed
> to have a Micro Sparc2 processor on the board which isnt the normal
> sparc 2 processor or on sparc2 board.
> So I said sod it and booted it,  the banner message from Open Boot
> reported  Cycle Computuer Industries rather than Sun Microsystems and
> booted the OS had a rummage round SunOS 4.1.4 and found that the machine
> thinks its a Sparc Station 5.
> Having given the matter some thought it seems to be a straight swap
> motherboard as its loaded with 16 x 30pin 3MB simms and its the same
> size as the sparc2 board.  Also the output jacks are all lined up with
> just the three Sbus slots.  The only oddity is that there is only
> only (according to the labels on the system board) only one serial port
> as case port B  and a parallel port on case port A.
> Anyhow its bloody quick (for a sparc 2!), so I expect that some
> machines may be swapped round at home... :-)
> Dont suppose anyone could shed some light onto the matter?
> Many thanks
> Paul
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