[SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

Michael C. Vergallen mvergall at double-barrel.be
Tue Dec 21 04:58:43 CST 1999

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Peter Koch wrote:

> Hi!
> Hey guys! These fucking 33MHz SS10 is way fast enough as ftp server.
> What the hell should Michael invest in such stupid things like
> ncftpd, ProFTPD, DiskSuite (ok, ok, it IS nice and it is bundled
> with the server versions of Solaris), Veritas, hw RAID, SM51,....
I have Hardware raid ( 45 GB UW/SCSI RAID SUB-SYSTEM), I also have
a licence for ncftpd allready. The problem I have with my current system
is the onboard cache that is gone from my pc. If I disable the cache the
system is to slow. Now also the NIC is starting to give touble and my
cpu's are to slow. 
> > The bottleneck IS the ethernet!!! 1MByte/sec.!!! No more. 
actually on the sun10 it's 10 MB/Sec.
> That means: he doesn't need fast disks (even older SCSI-2 disks
> can go 4-5MByte/sec. and the SCSI-bus can drive several of them)
> he doesn't need much CPU horsepower (think about that: ftp is
> I/O and not computing!!!).
True ..
> The ftpd of Solaris is not especially good for anonymous ftp.
> WU-ftpd is my choice. It is lean and fast and has enough security
> features. And it is cheap (free software).
True but I have a licence for ncftpd.
> If the connection to the internet is even slower than 10MBit/sec.,
> an old Sun3 could do the job! I'm already wondering, why his PC
> cannot do the job... maybe he's running the wrong OS???
Nope I use FreeBSD. The problem is the main PC cpu board that is going to
shit...and I can't afford to get a new cpu board + CPU & memory at this
point in time...thus I'm hooking up a sun 10 wich I have to the raid case 
and will use that.
> An old 386/40 with a decent ethernet card (for example 3Com 3c509b)
> can saturate the ethernet with ftp... running Linux of course!

The problem is not Freebsd but my mainboard that is finaly clonked out so
I will use the sun 10 witch I have instead of purchasing a new mainboard,
cpu and memory. This is what is called reuse of stuff I have instead of
purchasing new computing equipment. I know that my sun 2 who shares a
slice of the ftp data ( ftp.be.gnu.org ) is a lot faster then the ftp
server it self. So I will link the raid to the sun and work like that
because that is what I have. An old 386 may saturate a ethernet but I
don't have any 386's free at the moment and I do have a Sun available at
the moment.


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