[SunRescue] wolf in sheeps clothing...

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne at ukc.ac.uk
Tue Dec 21 02:20:55 CST 1999

Well on my latest 'my car is a skip - honest guv' trip round my
machine room,  I bagged what appeared to be a Sparc Station 2.

Once home I opened the case up as you do just to check whats inside,
so I could assess whether to add bits to the machine or strip it for

Anyhow,  its got a VERY non sparc2 motherboard in it,  as it seemed
to have a Micro Sparc2 processor on the board which isnt the normal
sparc 2 processor or on sparc2 board.

So I said sod it and booted it,  the banner message from Open Boot
reported  Cycle Computuer Industries rather than Sun Microsystems and
booted the OS had a rummage round SunOS 4.1.4 and found that the machine
thinks its a Sparc Station 5.

Having given the matter some thought it seems to be a straight swap 
motherboard as its loaded with 16 x 30pin 3MB simms and its the same
size as the sparc2 board.  Also the output jacks are all lined up with
just the three Sbus slots.  The only oddity is that there is only 
only (according to the labels on the system board) only one serial port
as case port B  and a parallel port on case port A.

Anyhow its bloody quick (for a sparc 2!), so I expect that some 
machines may be swapped round at home... :-)

Dont suppose anyone could shed some light onto the matter?

Many thanks


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