[SunRescue] SS20 onboard video

Eric Ozrelic erico at bendcable.com
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Also known as the SX and spam, this is a very different kind of frame
buffer. Built in to the motherboard on the SS20, it is also available as an
add-on card for SS10 and SS20 (only one add-on card is allowed). For each
display a VSIMM is required; two types are available, 4Mb or 8Mb. The 8Mb
VSIMM allows a resolution of 1280x1024 at a depth of 24 bits; the 4Mb VSIMM
allows up to 1280x1024 at 8 bits or 1152x900 at 24 bits. (For the reason why
see below.) System memory can be reserved for use by the SX to improve
performance using the command sxconfig."

If your going to be using a newer version of Solaris I would use the onboard
video, if your
going to be using any other operating system, or you want a dual head
display, keep the

Eric The Red

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> What are the specs on an SS20's onboard video?  How do they stack up
against a
> cgsix?  Wondering because I've got an SS20 here that has both the onboard
> and an sbus cgsix, and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to replace
> cgsix with something more useful, like a qlogic scsi.
> <:)  Lyndon
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