[SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

bobk bobk at sinister.com
Sat Dec 18 10:01:35 CST 1999

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Michael C. Vergallen wrote:

> Hi,
> Dous anyone have 2 cover plates for the sbus slots on the Sparc 10.

I might have some, let me see what i can dig up.

> I also have a question regarding the sun sparc 10...namely would it be
> powerfull enough for a ftp server.

I'd suggest using an FTP server other than the one that comes with the
operating system. NCFTPD is very good. It is very fast, secure, handles
large loads well, and is free for personal use. You have to pay ($50 I
think) for a commercial license, but if you are using this for business
that should not be a problem.

> The one I have now is a PC and it is
> getting totaly fucked up.

What PC, what OS? I supported an ISP on a Pentium-90 running for 4.5

> So I want to use my sun 10 uniprocessor that has
> become available.. Its a SM30 cpu with 128MB Ram to me it seems sufficient
> for a ftp server but I would like to make shure.

Get a better CPU. I'd suggest at least an SM50 or SM51. In the US, these
cost about $100 used. For $200 you can get an SM71. (www.gstek.com)

> When I have some more $$
> I will probably upgrade the cpu. But now it will have to do as I just
> purchased the Sbus Scsi wide card for it becuase I have a scsi wide disc
> cage with 45 Gb of discs...The PC a P5/150Mhz had a Scsi wide adapted and
> 96MB of ram so qua speed the Sun 10 should be about the same.
Bob Keyes the Yankee

p.s. I am going to be selling the guts of my VME bus 4-processor SGI
(4d/240 i believe it is called) - anyone interested? WHat mailing lists
should it be posted on?

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