[SunRescue] Solaris gcc

Lyndon Griffin lgriffin at bsd4us.org
Fri Dec 17 04:40:49 CST 1999

If you've installed the necessary development suport from the Solaris media,
you have nothing to worry about.  It includes the linker and other 'bintools'
necessary.  As an alternative, you can try to build the GNU bintools dist,
which replaces/substitutes all of those.  In the first case, Make sure that you
have /usr/ccs/bin and /usr/ucb in your path on Solaris boxes so that you can
find the Solaris bintools.  The GNU tools will end up in /usr/local/bin by
default.  As far as libraries, depending on the version of gcc (egcs) you
install, it will or will not come with a complete C, C++, Java, Fortran, etc.
libraries.  sunfreeware.com points out these discrepancies for each
pre-compiled package, and also seems to keep the libraries handy as necessary.

<:)  Lyndon

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, you wrote:

> I'm more worried about not getting the right linkers, libraries and all that
> gubbins.
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