[SunRescue] HELP! Multi ethernet interfaces on a SPARC

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Thu Dec 16 19:28:47 CST 1999

Well, this list seems active, so I"ll throw this at y'all:

Okay, I've got a ultra1, with two 100bt cards (a hme0 and a be0).  I'm
trying to configure it this way:

primary ethernet:
hme0: (netmask
      default gateway should be .18

be0: (netmask

le0: Not used (its only 10bt)

/etc/netmasks looks like:

/etc/hosts:	webshield	webshield-dmz



doesent exist

net gateway metric 1 passive

However, when it reboots, the system correctly sets the IP address for hme0 to
be .19, but then I cant ping .18 (the router), even if I "ifconfig <xx0> down"
all the other ethernet interfaces on the box.  Also, when the system boots,
I get a error "SCIO<something>: Cannot assign requested address" and both 
be0 and le0 get assigned as their ethernet address.

Any suggestions?  I'm tearing my hair out here and HAVE to have this working
by tonight.

Here's basically what I'm doing; the ultra1 is acting as a virus scanning 
filter for traffic that goes to a mail server.  Here's a diagram:

| router     |  <----+
+-------------------------+       |
       |                          |
       | 100baseT                 |  subnet
+-------------------------+       |
| hme0     |  <----+
  | Ultra 1/170    |
  |  with filter   |
  |  software      |
|  be0     |  <----+
+-------------------------+       |
       | 100bt                    |
       | crossover cable          |  subnet
+-------------------------+       |
| mailserver |  <----+

I'm setting it up so that we can put a route in the router, 
"to get to subnet, go through" - this is so that
all mail and traffic to the mail server gets transparently scanned by the
Ultra1 acting as a router.

Any suggestions?  I know I've GOTTA be missing something simple.. this is on
solaris 2.6 5/98


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