[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

ward at zilla.nu ward at zilla.nu
Thu Dec 16 18:37:24 CST 1999

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 06:35:55PM -0500, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Jonathan Eisch wrote:
> >How are 30 powermacs easeier to configure and maintain than 30
> >SparcStations (and I'm not even mentioning netbooting and file
> >permissions.)?
>   Ummm...they assign their own network addresses.  Just plug them in and turn
> them on.  They "find" printers and network services.  Very plug & play.

Dave's right; I find them to be very simple to admin, by design.  They're not
targetted at savvy folks, they're targetted at my Mom (who owns an iMac).

Not only that, you don't have to know UNIX.  The 30 SPARCs are easier for a UNIX
guy to admin, but not for Joe Computer Jock.  That's why I loved NeXTStep.  All
the power of UNIX, all the ease of a complete GUI admin system.  Of course, the
new MacOS Server X stuff lost the nice interface in favor of the Mac interface,
so I'm mad.

Macs netboot, too, btw.  Most modern powermacs (even my 7600) has OpenFirmware
(IEEE standard of OpenBoot) under the hood.


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