[SunRescue] PC monitor with Sun Equip

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at STEV.net
Thu Dec 16 13:45:05 CST 1999

rescue at sunhelp.org,Internet writes:
>I have a Sun IPX I just purchased. I have one of those 13W3 to SVGA (15
>pin) adapters. The adapter works with a Sun monitor, but not with any of
>the PC type monitors I have access to. I've been informed it has something
>to do with Sun putting sync on its own pin and PC monitors having sync on
>green. Is it possible to just short the sync and green pins to make it
>work with a PC monitor, or am I dreaming?
>Mark A. Pitman

there are 13w3 to vga adapters, and then there are 13ws to vga adapters
apparently there is a reliable one with monitor ID switches that certain
members of this list recommend.  The "standard" for HD15 VGA has a pin for
both Syncs, but we all know that standards are completely voluntary:-)

On a related subject, I saw the funniest VGA adapter today.  We ordered
what the salesperson said was a HD15 VGA f/f gender changer, but when they
came they were an HD15M to HD15F, and said gender changer, the only
purpose I could think of was to make the cord 1/8 of an inch longer.  We
called the supplier back, and then they said "oops, those are Sun VGA to
normal VGA adapters", so I had to know.  I rung one out, and the two ends
are pin for pin identical, no electrical differences, the only physical
characteristic was no Pin9, just a NC hole on the female end, and no pin
on the male end, from this I gather that there may be monitors with a full
set of pins, and there may be Suns without a #9 hole, but I really enjoyed
an adapter that has no apparent function.

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