[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne at ukc.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 11:49:25 CST 1999

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 05:30:06PM +0000, Martin Frost wrote:
> I can almost certainly arrange for a company to buy things for me
> (I did this to get a dual-beam oscilloscope for 10 pounds a couple
> of years ago).
> If they don't need a limited company, then company chequebooks are
> easy to obtain (write a personal cheque to the company name, take
> it to a bank and ask to open an account).

I will know better for next time.

Ho hum

Change of subject: 
Actually while I think about it,  I have a Sun gfx card on my desk,
looks like it came out of a sparc 10/20,  the chip is marked:

STP3010PGA   TURBOXGX   dont suppose anyone could enlighten me
in terms of cg2,3,4, etc  what it is?  The only marking on the board
itself is Sun Microsystems  and some names:  joe,brian,kevin, chris etc



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