[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Alan Rubin rubin at ezy.net
Thu Dec 16 11:16:48 CST 1999

that last bit is not really true in a couple of ways.  my friend still
uses his P75 with win95 to do everything he wants.  i admit it sucks, but
it still works for him.  and, you'd be surprised how many businesses still
(force the..) use of 486s etc on their employees.  upgrading to new
computers for 100+ employyes is rather expensive.  if you confine yourself
to the hardware, i know of several people that can turn a 486 into a
decent router running *BSD.  i think you have to look at the hardware
issue.  you cant ignore it as a piece of "old" technology.


On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Peter Koch wrote:

> Hi!
> >Which uses less power:  Melting down a crunched car and building a new car, or
> >fixing an old car by replacing the transmission and tires?  Same goes for air
> >and water pollution.
> And that is not the point!
> For me, the technology is an art of ongoing development and i think
> old but working computers are a snapshot of this.
> The reason why i collect Sun3's is simple: I think the Sun3 series
> was a milestone in the development of Computers and a complete
> series of Computers (not only single snapshots but a whole film)
> is worth to be rescued and put into a Museum. 
> PC's are mass ware and crap. I'd love to have a orig. IBM PC 4.77 MHz
> or an orig. IBM XT or AT or such. But all these non-IBM PC's for
> the mass market are crap! Into the dumpster with it!
> A computer is worth to be rescued from the dumpster, if someone is
> willing to keep it. Or even better: make use of it.
> Sun's have one advantage: they're usable over a longer period of
> time than PCs. They probably were once high end servers and after
> five years, they usually still make nice desktop machines.
> A PC is scrap after 3 years, period!
> Tschuess
> Peter
> P.S.: If i say PC, i mean PC: personal computer, IBM compatible,
> running some Win3 or Win9x.
> BTW: I always wonder where these millions of Apple Macintosh
> are... there are remarkably few in the dumpsters!
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