[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Bjrn Ramqvist brt at osk.sema.se
Thu Dec 16 05:48:19 CST 1999

jwbirdsa at picarefy.picarefy.com wrote:
>    A local computer surplus place, even though it knows a bit more than
> most, has boxes and boxes of VME boards which it's selling for $10 each. Mostly
> SCSI controllers, Network Coprocessors, and Prestoserve boards. I rummage
> through them occasionally. Didn't find anything much that I could use until last
> time through, when I found a 4/6xx bare system board, the matching RAM
> board with a bank full of 1M SIMMs, and a pair of 3/4xx CPUs. For $10 each.
> Yow!


Keep your eyes open, will ya? :-)

	/Regards, Bjorn

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