[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Peter Koch koch at pz.pirmasens.de
Thu Dec 16 04:44:18 CST 1999


>Which uses less power:  Melting down a crunched car and building a new car, or
>fixing an old car by replacing the transmission and tires?  Same goes for air
>and water pollution.

And that is not the point!

For me, the technology is an art of ongoing development and i think
old but working computers are a snapshot of this.

The reason why i collect Sun3's is simple: I think the Sun3 series
was a milestone in the development of Computers and a complete
series of Computers (not only single snapshots but a whole film)
is worth to be rescued and put into a Museum. 

PC's are mass ware and crap. I'd love to have a orig. IBM PC 4.77 MHz
or an orig. IBM XT or AT or such. But all these non-IBM PC's for
the mass market are crap! Into the dumpster with it!
A computer is worth to be rescued from the dumpster, if someone is
willing to keep it. Or even better: make use of it.

Sun's have one advantage: they're usable over a longer period of
time than PCs. They probably were once high end servers and after
five years, they usually still make nice desktop machines.
A PC is scrap after 3 years, period!



P.S.: If i say PC, i mean PC: personal computer, IBM compatible,
running some Win3 or Win9x.
BTW: I always wonder where these millions of Apple Macintosh
are... there are remarkably few in the dumpsters!

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