[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Chris Kozlowski razer at ultra.darkcartel.com
Wed Dec 15 09:35:20 CST 1999

> That said, I am investigating the possibility of starting a non-profit in
> NY, so that I can encourage donations by offering tax deductible receipts,
> the stated purpose of the organization being to promote the preservation
> and use of equipment generally considered obsolete.
> Tim Hauber

I envision the possibility of having a ragtag guerilla sort of organization,
without the necessity of all the bureaucracy -- this is not about profit,
after all... without a doubt, enough volunteers could be found to provide
services such as transportation and storage, myself included, to make this
work.  I live in Jersey and have storage space there.  I also work in
Manhattan for a VAR and, bouncing from company to company, I could easily
further the cause.  

Oh well.  It is morning and I am about to throw together some SCO 5.0.5
boxes for a contingency site, so maybe I am just delirious ;)


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