[SunRescue] Sun GDM-1962b

Gregory Leblanc gleblanc at cu-portland.edu
Tue Dec 14 16:59:44 CST 1999

Lyndon Griffin wrote:
> I just picked up a 1962b for around $80.  This I know:  .31 dp, 19" vis, 13w3,
> fixed-frequency.  What I don't know:  anything else important that I should
> before I try connecting it to something.

Yeah, it's practically impossible to find qualified people to fix these
things.  I haven't found any monitor repair place that can fix mine, and
it's not that complex problem, from my understanding.  If anybody out in
the Pac NW has a couple of dead ones, I'll give you a couple of bucks
for them for parts.

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