[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

josh grubman jg at FALSE.NET
Tue Dec 14 13:18:26 CST 1999

So, I get a call from a coworker today asking me to drive over to our 
Alexandria datacenter. there are some hired trash-movers throwing away all
sorts of old hardware. "If you want to keep anything, hurry up!"

When I pull up, I see two dumpsters full of scrapped ss330s, ss630s, ss470s,
an rs6k box, and heaps of sparc 1s, sparc2s, next slabs, old monitors, ethernet
concentrators, and some banged up racks.

I was able to rescue an ss2, a Dec udb, and t1 test kit in my friend's Civic.
I get off work at six, and I indend to head back over for some more dumpster

I may very well have a BUNCH of goodies availble for the taking, though I'm
not sure how much we'll be able to fit into our cars. I'll keep you posted.


i built this life and now it's mine.

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