[SunRescue] Anybody need 64mb of Ultra5/10 RAM?

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at STEV.net
Thu Dec 9 16:11:32 CST 1999

rescue at sunhelp.org,Internet writes:
>If anybody out there is crazy enough and will trade me a large quantity
>of Lego (tm) blocks and such for two Sun 32mb DIMMs (60ns) for an Ultra
>let me know.  
>From looking at MemoryX, the two DIMMs are worth roughly $100-120.
>(on the DIMMs: "SUN P/N: 370-3198-01  DATE CODE: 9807  DIMM, 32MB,
>I've just upgraded to 192mb (from 128mb) and therefore have these two
>32mb DIMMs available, and my fiancee has decided she wants a lot of Legos
>for Christmas... (what can I say, we like regressing to our childhoods..)

Sorry Bill, but I gave my Legos to my little brother, however, if you've
got software to hook a Lego Mindstorm to a Sun machine.......

I've been looking for an excuse to buy a Mindstorm, just to harrass the
dogs if nothing else. :-)


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