[SunRescue] Easy problem!

D.A. Muran-de Assereto dmuran at pinacolada.net
Wed Dec 8 21:53:01 CST 1999

Actually, /etc/defaultdomain is used for NIS and NIS+ domains, not DNS
domains. In official docs I've read, setting your NIS or NIS+ domain to the
same as your DNS domain is deprecated.
DNS domain is in the hosts file and in /etc/resolv.conf; it'd also be in the
named config files.

Dave Muran-de Assereto

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> Hmmm.... I can't seem to find most of the files you specified...
> There is no "defaultdomain", and "defaultrouter." Do I have to create
> files?
> If I do have to create them, what do I put in them?
> Thanks,
> Eric The Red

Yes, you create each one. There should be one line in each file, I don't
think they like comments or blank leading lines.

defaultdomain should have something like:

defaultrouter should contain the IP address of the router used to get
outside your subnet.


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