Re(2): [SunRescue] NetBSD 1.4 miniroot problem fixed

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at
Wed Dec 8 11:46:15 CST 1999

Well, SCSI is nice, in theory, but even newer stuff can have cable quirks.
 I've got a powerMac 6500 at work (Actually, the machine I'm on now) that
will not talk to my LaCie branded Yamaha CDR400 CD burner unless it is on
the end of a chain.  This 6500 is better than my last, that required a
chain >6ft long.  Termination doesn't seem to make any difference, it will
work with internal, external, end or between or no termination if the
cable is long enough, will not work with any type of termination if the
cable is too short.  Of course this is Apple built in SCSI with the Apple
kludge connector on the pMAc.  

There are reliable busses, industrial measurement equipment uses a bus
called GPIB or HPIB that uses a centronics type connector to connect to
other equipment and/or computers, and I never saw that stuff acting flaky.
 Of course I'm sure that is a pretty slow bus, but I used it on a job
hooking Fiberoptic measurement and environmental test equipment to micro
PDPs, and we used it for all kinds of stuff.
Just a fun note, the difference between HPIB and GPIB (Hewlwtt Packard
Instrumentation Bus and General Purpose Instrumentation Bus) is the
connector is rotated 180 degrees from each other, the pin outs are
identical, but when you are building a rack of instruments, a cable with a
right hand connector on it goes left when plugged into HP equipment.


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