[SunRescue] Totally off-topic post

Lyndon Griffin lgriffin at bsd4us.org
Wed Dec 1 17:45:11 CST 1999

I hate to do this to the Sun list, but honestly - all of the most well-informed
and intelligent people are right here, rather then on any other lists that I
subscribe to.

I bought a Sega Dreamcast last week.  I am impressed, having owned both of the
current competitors (N64 and SPS).  I notice the Windows CE compat. badge on
the front, and I begin wondering when the NetBSD port is going to start up. 
Really.  It's bound to happen.

So, this sparks my curiosity (no pun intended)...  what is the architectural
breakdown of the Dreamcast?  CPU, bus, memory, etc.  Any idears?

<:)  L

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