[SunRescue] What older sun can use these parts?

Martin Frost martin at dsres.com
Mon Dec 6 09:12:54 CST 1999

David Rouse wrote:

> I've got a five-year-old mixed Apple/AIX box (Apple Network Server) at
> home and I'd rather have a sun box, since that's what I've become
> familiar with from work. I'd also like to cannibalize parts from the AIX
> machine, so as to keep my cross-grade costs as low as possible.

The Apple Network Servers are actually very nice machines.

The 500 is a 133 MHz PowerPC 604e, and the 700 is a 200 MHz 604e.
Not to mention the fact that the internal SCSI is split into two
53c875 buses, and there is another 53c90 for the external
bus. Case design is excellent, particularly on the 700, where
just about everything is hot-swappable.

I did some work to run Linux on them a year or so ago: the main
problems are that the Linux 53c875 driver gets horribly confused
with LVD drives on the bus, and that the ethernet is connected
in a very strange way. I really want to port OpenBSD to them.
I wonder how they'd deal with Solaris 2.5.1 for PPC?


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