[SunRescue] ELC - questions

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne at ukc.ac.uk
Mon Dec 6 03:21:09 CST 1999


I have recently acquired a Sparc ELC as a freebie, but alas no 

It ran fine for around six hours and then stopped dead and the screen
blanked,  which is unfortunate as my other half was due to get the 
ELC for use as an X terminal.

When I start the machine up now,  it beeps as usual starts to cycle 
the lights on the keyboard and then holds the 'compose' key light on
and just sits there.

Going by the manuals for the Sparc2 that I have as it seemed a good idea
as they are around the same generation,  it seems that Simm 0 could well
be dead.

So questions are as follows:-

1.  Does the compose key light mean what I think it does (memory simm0).
2.  Can I try bog standard 4MB 72 pin simms in the thing as those sockets
    look remarkably familiar.

Any other comments,  suggestions etc are more than welcome.

Many thanks

Paul Osborne

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