[SunRescue] Attention 4/490-lovers - Linux on Sun4

Bjrn Ramqvist brt at osk.sema.se
Mon Dec 6 02:58:09 CST 1999

Lyndon Griffin wrote:
> Hey, if I can fit them in a suitcase they're small enough.  I rate my current
> luggage at one full-size VME board carried safely.  Guess I should
> look before I leap, no?  Seeing as how I'm going to be in Stockholm and
> south, driving up to you isn't an option, either.  Just as well - there would
> still be the problem of getting the boards to Ohio from Philadelphia for the
> project (not to mention US Customs, which can be a pain sometimes).

Anyway, I took a clean look at the dustfilled x90 cardcage this weekend.
Our 690MP server had been running there and collecting dust for ages.
Heck, it looked like it's never been vacuumed at all!
So, now everything is clean. All parts checked out OK too.
Found a 4/400 CPU (good working one), a SCSI-board and a 32MB VME
memoryboard along that.

Now, all 4/490 hackers:
I couldn't find any info whatsoever in James Birdsalls Hardware-FAQ, so
I don't even have a slightest idea where to put these 3 cards. Heck, I
don't even know what backplane jumpers should be in or out.

I did a test yesterday (Sunday), and fired up the machine with the
memoryboard in Slot 1, the CPU in Slot 3 and the SCSI-card in Slot 4. I
did find a SUN1.3G and an old Toshiba CDROM to use for the project.
So, down to the next question. It seems to go through all tests OK, but
boot parameters should I use for, say, boot from harddisk? from CDROM?
The console lacks of 'probe-scsi', so it seems a bit tricky. :-/

	/Regards Bjorn

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