[SunRescue] Need GCC 2.5.8 or for Solaris 1 (SunOS 4.x)

BSD Bob bsdbob at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Sun Dec 5 19:26:32 CST 1999

I need to update my horrid gcc 2.1 on my SparcBook 2.  It generates too many
errors on simple things like GnuPlot.  Unfortunately, I don't have time
to do an overnight gcc compile of sources.  Also, there is scant
little room for such a piggie on a little  SparcBook 2 with only a pair
of 300M drives.  Any pointers to precompiled gcc binaries for something
like SunOS 4.x or Solaris 1.x are highly appreciated.



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