[SunRescue] 4/260 speed clocking (adjustable?)

apotter at icsa.net apotter at icsa.net
Fri Dec 3 14:01:10 CST 1999

> I have an old 4/260 crate that I am trying to get OpenBSD up on.  It runs
> SunOS 4.1 fine, but, in loading up Net or OpenBSD, it gets a lot of scsi
> dma timeout errors.

Before you drag out the jumpers, check and rechecy your scsi cabling, most particularly that blasted internal ribbon cable that seems to go bad when you look at it.

The behavior you are describing (workie fine under SunOS, scsi errors out the wazoo under Net|Open-BSD) sounds suspiciously like some stuff we saw in the (very) early days of the Linux Sparc port.  Flakey hardware was the answer. 

SunOS was handling the errors with retrys silently and logging no errors.  Dave Miller had purged silent error handling out of his code in pursuit of performance.  Both OSs were seeing the same lowlevel errors, Linux just refused to go on.

Hope this helps.....


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