[SunRescue] Re: Sun3 high end toyz

Peter Koch koch at pz.pirmasens.de
Fri Dec 3 03:57:43 CST 1999


>> I have two units, a 330 and a 470...
>Speaking of higherendian sun3toyz.....   What are the top of the line
>sun3 things.

The 330 and 470 are of course SPARC, not Sun3.

The correct name would be 4/330 and 4/470.

>Currently my 3/160 is adequate, but a tad slow.

You can upgrade the 3/160 to a 3/260 by replacing CPU and memory.

If you want to see the high-end Sun3's, you know where to look:

You can find some benchmark results for Sun3's on:

The 3/80 is missing on the benchmark charts. The integer performance
of the 3/80 is exactly the same than the performance of the 3/60.
The floating point performance is about 20-30% higher, because it
does have a 68882 instead of the 68881 used in the 3/60.


Then go out and buy a $2.95 lithium battery and fix your damned
gee-I-lost-my-nvram-contents-today-again NVRAM.

Have a look at the NVRAM FAQ (it's on the Sun3/3x-Archive, stupid)

>So, for the sake of discussion, what should I be hunting for in a
>fairly top line terminal driven 3 class toy?

Go find a 3/260 or a 3/4x0. But the 3/4x0 is very rare. I love my
3/470... i'm very proud to have its original chassis now back.
BTW: This machine is still in regular use although i'm thinking
of retireing it now.



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