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> >If you want a modern OS that runs well on sun4 hardware then I would
> >recommend NetBSD.  It's been stable and production quality 
> for years on
> >this hardware.
>    Just allow all weekend to install it, unless you're lucky. 
> The 1.4 and
> 1.4.1 miniroot and prefab kernels are effectively broken. The 
> port-sparc
> mailing list theorized that there may be a problem if you 
> have a floppy
> controller but no floppy (as in the SLC, the first machine I tried to
> boot NetBSD on), but I got the exact same panic while 
> enumerating devices
> on a 4/2xx. Maybe the floppy driver is just poisonous.

I usually plan to let my installs take an entire week of evenings, plus the
weekend before and after, unless I've played with that OS a lot.  I'll try
to give it a shot on my 4/330, but I'm really most at home using linux, my
trusty tcsh, and xemacs.  

>    --James

Can I pick a nit here, and ask the James's on this list to give us a last
name?  I got confused enough when Mr. Lockwood (bless his knowledgeable
heart) moved to another email address.  I'm going to guess that you are the
famous Mr. Birdsall, and congradulate you on the most wonderful reference
that I have available.  Thanks for taking the time to at least read this,

P.S.  Feel free to flame me for being out of line, it adds excitement to my
day.  :)

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