[SunRescue] Finding vme connectors to remake old sun scsi cables?

Greg A. Woods woods at most.weird.com
Thu Dec 2 16:56:58 CST 1999

[ On Thursday, December 2, 1999 at 10:40:42 (-0500), BSD Bob wrote: ]
> Subject: [SunRescue] Finding vme connectors to remake old sun scsi cables?
> I am needing to come up with the connectors to make up a new longer
> straight scsi cable.  My problem is finding the idc vme header connectors
> that mate up to the back of the backplane.   Anyone know where I might find
> 2 or 3 of those header connectors in ribbon cable insulation displacement
> variety?

I was able to purchase a few such connector headers from Electrosonic (a
large Canadian distributor with counter service here in Toronto) a
couple of years ago.  They are Panduit (now ITW Pancon?) part #
120-964-455.  They worked successfully in my Sun 3/260 and 3/280
chassis.  I think they were about $12.00 each.  Note that these
connectors have no pins on the centre row.  You don't want the 3-row
96-pin connectors -- they won't work (and they have a higher wire
density anyway).

Oddly enough the new Newark #117 catalogue list (ITW-Pancon) 120-964-435
connectors for $20.20 each.  I don't know what the difference is between
these and the ones I bought a couple of years ago -- perhaps none.
Newark of course has a minimum $250 order, so you might want to look
around for another Panduit/ITW-Pancon retailer.

If that doesn't help then try looking for "Eurocard" connectors with
"IDC" (insulation displacement contacts) for flat cable with wire on
0.050" centres.

You might also find such cables and/or connectors at your local
surplus/junk outlet (WeirdStuff is sure to have some, for example).

>  I have tried extending the cables with 50 pin header dips, and
> that does not work very well in my hands.

You can get commercially made extension cables too....

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