[SunRescue] Re: Sun3 high end toyz

BSD Bob bsdbob at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Thu Dec 2 09:53:25 CST 1999

> I have two units, a 330 and a 470, both of which I road-tripped for.  I don't
> see myself parting with them, as too much BS&T was given up to get them in the
> first place.

Speaking of higherendian sun3toyz.....   What are the top of the line
sun3 things.  I was thinking of your basic faster than molassas server
kind of thing running off a terminal head spitting a few web pages on
Apache.  Currently my 3/160 is adequate, but a tad slow.  I hate my
3/80 because of its gee-I-lost-my-nvram-contents-today-again syndrome.

So, for the sake of discussion, what should I be hunting for in a
fairly top line terminal driven 3 class toy?



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