[SunRescue] Finding vme connectors to remake old sun scsi cables?

BSD Bob bsdbob at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Thu Dec 2 09:40:42 CST 1999

If I may tap the expertise of the anointed crew.....(:+}}...

I have a couple of aging 12 slot desksides  (variously 3/160, 3/260
types of things).  I want to convert the machines from the old interposer
scsi board controllers (md21 and mt02) to straight scsi bus.  BUT, the
gotcha is that the scsi cabling internally in the old 3 series desksides
is way too short to reach back into the back of the top drive bay.  Thus,
I am needing to come up with the connectors to make up a new longer
straight scsi cable.  My problem is finding the idc vme header connectors
that mate up to the back of the backplane.   Anyone know where I might find
2 or 3 of those header connectors in ribbon cable insulation displacement
variety?  I have tried extending the cables with 50 pin header dips, and
that does not work very well in my hands.   My goal is to put a standard
scsi tape drive on in place of the interposer board qic/scsi driven thing,
and to put 4 or so 3.5 inch scsi drives back in the top bay rear.

Any suggestions or insights into such frivolities are appreciated.



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