[SunRescue] Re: Sun3

Michael C. Vergallen mvergall at double-barrel.be
Wed Dec 1 10:55:30 CST 1999

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

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> > What's with NetBSD or Linux? Anybody?
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> Well, ext2 has a FILE size limit of 2-gigs on 32-bit platforms.  I think
> that it should be able to handle very large chunks of SCSI disks, as well as
> huge IDE ones, but there have been some problems with 36GB-IDE drives on
> linux.  I suspect that any drive that you throw at linux, it can probably
> format, and put an ext2 filesystem on it.  Too bad linux doesn't run on the
> plain old Sun4...
Default yes but you can modify the File size limit ...see the work that
has been done on Linux Alpha for render projects on how to go about it.


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