[SunRescue] Rackquest

james james at foonly.com
Wed Dec 1 03:50:23 CST 1999

I'm on the search for a decent rack cabinet.  Must be at least 29" deep as
I need to fit my big old rack drive trays inside.  A 56" tall 4/690 or
SC2000 cabinet would probably be ideal but I'll consider just about
anything (except maybe a converted 11/780 cabinet).  At minimum it needs
to be 20U tall.  Wheels are a very big plus.  :)

If anyone in California or western Nevada/Arizona has one and wants to get
rid of it, let me know.  I'll trade for goodies or cash, I just don't want
to have to pay megabucks for shipping.  I know some list members here have
snagged 4/690's one way or another and want to rehouse them, I have some
spare smaller VME chassis floating around as well.

Cosmetic condition relatively unimportant, I can always resand and

-James Lockwood [note new email address]

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