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    Seagate makes beutiful SCSI drives currently.  I bought a 18.2gb
15,000rpm drive almost a year ago now, and I love it to death.  It is
reasonably quiet, very cool (compared to most 10,000rpm drives), and is
EXTREMELY fast.  While one example does not prove an entire company to be
good, their SCSI drives have always been the fastest (they were the first to
7200rpm, 10000rpm, and 15000rpm), they are relatively quite, and I have only
had one fail.  The one failure was a 500mb SCSI drive that was involved in a
RAID 0 array, it must have been 6 years ago when that went, have not had one
problem since.
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> On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 02:00:29PM -0400, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
> > Wait a minute.  I thought that Seagates were supposed to be good.  What
> > good?  In IDE, I have Fujitsu, Maxtor, Western-Digital, and Seagate.
> > Scsi, I have, well, I have Maxtor and Seegate, not sure what else.
> > of these are decent, which aren't?
> Seagate USED to have good drives, and in fact, the ST15150N ('cuda 4) was
> one of the best drives ever made.  However, these "Medalist"
> drives I have in ohno/sunhelp are pieces of shit.  already gone through
> Bill
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