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Asus and Abit have horrid reputations as of late.  Abit's BX boards had the
most overclocking options of any board out there, and while their AMD boards
are nice, they are unstable as anything.  From what I have heard, among home
users a 10% RMA rate is not all that uncommon for companies.  Asus,
meanwhile, has a slightly better reputation, though it is hardly good.
AOpen does have a rep. for making really stable consumer boards, as they
dont really make high end boards, you cannot judge those.  About the Thunder
2500, its not quite a commodity board, they only sell to large OEMs, making
it difficult for you and I to come by.  I throw in Supermicro, Tyan, and
Intel, as they are really the only high end board manufacturers out there,
last I heard, they were the only companies even capable of making 8 layer
boards, such as AMDs 760MP reference design.  About Tyan, sure, you may have
had a bad experience with their consumer boards, but there is a reason AMD
decided that only Tyan would be sold 760MP chipsets for a couple months, its
because Tyans workstation/server boards have a really solid reputation, and
AMD did not want to have companies like ABit and PCChips making boards with
horrid stability, giving the 760MP a bad rep.
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> Supermicro isn't too bad, AOpen I'd argue with, asus is pretty good,
> abit... well, they need to get hit with a cluestick.  A large
> cluestick.  They have some neat ideas, and seem to actually be hackers
> rather than corp. grunts, but I could give them some lessons in "MB
> Building 101".  Intels are ok, but Boring! <grin>
> Nick
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, G W Adkins wrote:
> >
> > > Tyan does make great boards.  Supermicro, Intel, AOpen, and Tyan are
> > > the only PC board companies with even a shred of reputation for making
> > > stable boards
> >
> > Hmmm, before you toss in Supermicro and Acer, perhaps you had better
> > out Asus and Abit...
> > Both will smoke the hell out of a Spermicro or Acer...
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