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Tyan does make great boards.  Supermicro, Intel, AOpen, and Tyan are about
the only PC board companies with even a shred of reputation for making
stable boards.  A large portion of how poorly a board performs has to do
with the chipset these days.  As I understand it, most companies dont even
really design their own boards, they use Intel/AMD reference designs.  Look
at Tyans Thunder line of boards, they are very high quality, unfortunatly,
it is accompanied by high prices (compared to other x86 hardware).  If you
really want a stable dual slot-1 board, I would avoid the more recent chip
sets and go for either an Intel 440BX/GX chipset, a Serverworks chipset, or
an i840.
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> Until after I bought the board, I'd been under the impression that Tyan
> was supposed to be top notch for dual proc boards.  Of course, then I buy
> it, and people start telling me that it is crap.
> That said, what boards are better for dual procs?  I couldn't find any
> Intel boards at the time (at least not at a reasonable price).  Everything
> seems to be definitaly crap (PC Chips anyone?), Intel, or Tyan.
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> Joshua Boyd
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Dan Sikorski wrote:
> > > Yeah well, a Sun is nice hardware, and this machine is a PC, which was
> > > home built, and while it is supposed to have a good motherboard (Tyan)
> >
> > *Stops reading there, chokes, gags, spits and goes into convulsions*
> >
> > I dislike Tyan a lot.  While I've never owned a tyan board, I've seen
> > and worked with too many that were unstable, had significant
> > incompatibilities, or just plain sucked IMHO.  While I'm sure that there
> > will be plenty who disagree with me, I personally will not buy a tyan
> > board ever if I can avoid it.  (Unless they come out with something
> > really cool that no one else has, but even then, I'm sure I'll be
> > kicking myself later for it.)
> >
> > -Dan Sikorski
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