[SunRescue] What exactly is a Sun 4/25 ?

Mark Price sloop at paradise.raleigh.nc.us
Wed Apr 18 02:18:10 CDT 1990

If you have any 10mb NICs or equipment you need to get rid of let me know,
I'll pay shipping! :)  thanks


On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> mind is purchasing ANYTHING 10Mbit only for buisnesses, and we're trying to
> get rid of all of our 10Mbit only NICs.  It costs us less to get a PCI
> 10/100 Nic (3com) than it does to get any 10Mbit only from them.  10 Mbit
> hubs are dirt cheap right now, but the only reason that I would use (and the
> reason why I have one) is because they make it much easier to troubleshoot
> network problems (sniffing on an unmanaged switch is futile, the only thing
> you see is Samba).  The 100Mbit stuff for SPARCs is still pretty expensive,
> but I imagine that somebody will develop Solaris drivers for either the
> intel or 3Com PCI 10/100 adapters here eventually, which should really bring
> the price down.  Now, if I could find a reliable source for SBUS cards (I
> got one, but hey, I could use another).  BTW, anybody have a place where I
> can get a dongle for the funky 14-pin mini-centronics type ethernet port,
> fairly cheap?
> 	Greg
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