OT: Purdue/PSU, was [rescue] ss2 under load

s at avoidant.org s at avoidant.org
Sat Nov 7 16:27:25 CST 1987

bill pointon wrote:

> you mean right now  -- 7/nov/1987 -- as opposed to some far off future
> date - say 15/jan/2002 - billp

No idea why that's happening. I'm on my new Wallstreet. System time
appears to be correct, but I've had to set it twice today. I did it the
first time, but apparently I messed up AM/PM, because 6 hours later it
said it was tomorrow in the AM. Now it says 4.34PM, but I bet this mail
will be timestamped 1987.

Anyone have any suggestions? I can't reboot at the moment because I'm
working and a reboot takes forever.

living in the past

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