[geeks] Difference Engine at the Computer History Museum

Michael Thompson m_thompson at conversent.net
Thu Apr 10 18:31:29 CDT 2008

>Courtesy of nathan Myrhvold, a full-scale working model of Charles
>Babbage's Difference Engine will be on display at the Computer History
>Museum in Mountain View for six months beginning May 1.  The machine was
>constructed to special order for Myhrvold by the Science Museum in
>Kensington, London.

I visited the Science Museum in London when they build the first one. 
It was right in the lobby by the main entrance. Even though there was 
a sign that said not to talk to the builders, I had a nice 
conversation with them. They were convinced that Babbage could have 
built the machine if he had access to better machine tools.

Michael Thompson

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